Teresa Psyllaki

Teresa Psyllaki, the daughter of the innovative scientist and organic farmer Nikos Psyllakis, follows in her father’s footsteps having the same passion for the land, the olive trees and the end product with respect to everything that has been achieved and with perseverance and commitment in pursuit of quality. The history and the legacy of the family traditions are invaluable assets for the future of the estate.

Teresa Psyllaki, daughter of Nikos, was born in Chania in 1966. The passion for the land and the cultivation of olives was passed down to her by her father. She spent her childhood and youth in Chania witnessing firsthand her father’s struggle and tireless efforts to establish the organic farming of olive trees not only on Crete, but also on a global level.  He initiated her in the secrets and special ways of organic farming and she experienced the whole journey of this innovative endeavour.

She studied French language and literature in Athens and got her Master’s degree in Paris, but her heart always lied with Crete. She is currently working as a French language teacher in secondary education, while at the same time she realizes her family’s vision to continue and improve organic olive farming and expand that vision to foreign markets.

Teresa Psyllaki’s Legacy

Teresa Psyllaki represents the fifth generation of a family with strong ties to the land of Crete and its olive grove.

From Teresa’s memories:

“All the way back we could see olive trees along the road full of olives and silvery-green leaves. For a moment, I felt the taste of the spoonful of oil that my grandmother used to make us drink every morning on my palate. I realized that I was back home.”

Nikos Psyllakis’s insight

Nikos Psyllakis was a Cretan agronomist who regulated the cultivation of olive trees on the island. He was a recognized connoisseur of olive oil and his production and was honored by the Academy of Athens for his contribution to olive cultivation.

Organic Farming. Boldly into action

“We do not go back. We simply move forward in a different way…”

Nikos Psyllakis, representing the fourth generation to take over the ancestral olive grove, was a man with strong ties to the land and his eyes turned to the future. He studied agronomy and after the war he focused on the elimination of olive fruit flies, as he was accepted to participate in a program of experiments on new pesticides. Soon after that, the Ministry of Agriculture hired him and sent him to Spain and Italy on a scholarship in order for him to specialize on olive cultivation. After he returned to Greece, he was assigned the foundation of the Olive Substation of the Corfu Olive Institute and was offered a rather run-down olive grove spreading across an area of 15 hectares. This is how he started focusing on research. Later on, he participated in the organization MAICh (Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania) and the implementation of innovative programs that boosted olive cultivation on Crete. Thus, he boldly implemented innovative cultivation methods in his own estate.

Organic Farming. Boldly into action.
Nikos Psyllakis with his insight and passion for the land was one of the first to realize the benefits that organic farming could offer. He began his research on eliminating olive fruit flies organically as early as 1969. Later on, when he was Secretary General of the Ministry of Agriculture, he helped to create the European Regulation on organic farming and he also served as President of the Organic Farmers Union of Greece. Since 1994, the olive grove has been cultivated using organic farming methods and is certified by the Organization of Control and Certification of Organic Products.

References to his work:

Gastronomos magazine  here

“There is only one way for our agriculture to survive: Luscious quality products in beautiful packaging.”

Nikos Psyllakis


Our Vision

To continue providing our clients with our products at the same exceptional quality they have always known and trusted. At the same time, we shall continue to have a friendly personal relationship based on trust and direct personal contact with all those who enjoy our olive oil.

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