Picking and producing olives at the organic Psyllakis farm

The Area:   Kolymbari an area in the northwest area of the island of Crete that is famous and recognized by the European Union for the quality of the extra-virgin olive oil produced thanks to its extraordinary micro-climate.

The Olive Grove:   This is where Tereza's olive grove is located. It is obvious that no herbicides are used here, since there is a thick layer of native clover growing below the olive trees.

Fertilizers:   Only organic fertilizers approved by the DIO Organic Products Inspection and Certification Organization are used to fertilize the trees.

Picking:   To gather the olives, the farm-workers spread nets below the olive trees and start shaking the low olive trees with special rods having edges in the form of a palm. They use no picking tools except for handheld rods in order not to cause any invisible damage to the leaves, the stems, and the tender shoots.

Transport:   Subsequently, the olives are transferred directly to the olive oil mill in order to avoid the damage of the olives, since maintaining their good quality is of particular importance for the final quality of the olive oil.

The Oil mill:   The process of pressing olives is specific and demanding, since this is an organic product, and therefore the areas and machinery have to be cleaned well.
The temperature of water during the extraction of oil does not exceed 28 degrees Celsius and it is classified as heat-free. With this process, the olive oil retains its ingredients in unaltered form to a great extent, such as anti-oxidants and vitamin E, which have proved to be valuable for human health and contribute to making its flavor exceptional.

Storage:   The olive oil is transferred to a separate dark and cool storage area, where it is kept in stainless steel tanks in order to remain unaltered.
Every single drop of Psyllakis exceptional organic extra-virgin olive oil includes all the care and attention that accompanies its particular production process when it reaches your table.